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Heian Nidan  - Part 1


The second of the heian katas consists of  26 movements and takes approximately 50 seconds to perform. An introduction to simultaneous blocking and attacking combinations.

The beginner is also introduced to new techniques such as:
Haiwan jodan-uke (double handed block)
Yoko-geri,(side snap kick)
Uraken-uchi (back fist strike)
Yohon nukite (four-fingered spear hand strike)
Mae-geri (front snap kick)
Gyaku-zuki (reverse punch)

Heian Nidan is refered to as the water kata by Musashi Miyamoto’s five elements. In his book : “The book of five rings” Heian Nidan is described as basic and effective with emphasis on the fast execution of technique and fluidity of movement.

More focus is given to the practice of Shuto-uke (sword hand block) and Kokutsu-dachi (back stance).  Gyaku-zuki (reverse punch) in Zenkutsu-dachi (front stance) has great value and compliments the teaching of  Gohon-kumite (5 step sparring), Sanbon kumite (3 step sparring) and Kihon-ippon kumite (basic one step sparring).

Heian Nidan is required for 8th Kyu examination.

Movement Composition

Sword Hand Blocks (7), Rear Punch/Arm Blocks (2), Hammer Fist/Punches (2), Low Blocks (2), High Rising Blocks (2), Forearm Blocks (2), Reverse Punches (2), Reverse Inside Blocks (2), Side Snap Kick & Back Fist Strikes (1), Four Finger Spear Hands (1), Double Hand Blocks (2), Augmented forearm block (1).

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